These are miniature replicas of the combat boots worn by generations of veterans.  From Omaha Beach to Bastogne, from the Mekong Delta to Khe Sanh, from Kuwait to Basrah, the originals left footprints in history.  One veteran remarked that just looking at our miniatures made his feet ache!

The Boots of Heroes are packaged and sold individually.  Buy a pair and you can stand them at attention or at ease!

Instead of weary feet, our boots are intended for pens and pencils.  They are made of resin and are hand-painted.  They stand 5 inches high and stand as reminders of the service and sacrifice of members from the Greatest Generation to the current generation.

All of our miniature combat boots are also available with a bronzed finish.

Instead of weighing down on the head of a tired GI, these miniature combat helmets make perfect paper weights.  Or place one on a shelf next to that photo of a younger and skinnier version of yourself.  Helmets and boonie hats.

Our miniature Vietnam War combat helmet includes in the elastic band a representation of the different things that were conveniently carried there: mosquito repellant, toilet paper from the C-Ration container, a can opener.

Measures 4 ½ x 4 x 3.  Made of resin and hand-painted.

Our miniature combat boots, helmets and boonie hats are now available mounted on wood bases with personalized inscriptions.  A truly unique gift.  Celebrate a memorable achievement, retirement, promotion, or a heartfelt welcome home.  Let us know what you want inscribed, which boot, helmet or boonie hat you want, and where you want it sent.

Solid wood.  Base alone measures 6 inches square by 3 inches high.

Excellent for keeping the collected works of Stephen Ambrose from toppling over!  Or simply as a great way to set off one of our miniature boots or helmets.  As an option, you can have us add a unit patch or other customized design to the upright portion of the bookend.

Solid wood, it measures 7 inches in both height and depth; 5 inches in width.  Sold individually.

Our personalized ceramic crocks stand tall.  These two-gallon crocks are a great addition to home or garden, and carry a proud message of service and sacrifice.
9 ½ inches in diameter and 9 inches in height, the crock weighs 14 pounds.  Design can be etched in black, green or blue.  Let us know what you want your crock to say and we will go to work.

We have taken posters from the Spanish American War and World War II and recycled them as…tissue box dispensers.  They dispense not only a message, but relief from the common cold and weepy movies.
Another item that is just for fun is our camouflage eyeglasses holder.  This nose is where to put your glasses when they are not on your nose!  Here’s the perfect way to remember where you put your glasses.

Over the years, Caravelle has manufactured a number of custom products for a wide variety of customers.  From resin miniatures to hand-carved wooden pieces to ceramic crocks, we have created unique items for museum shops, catalogs, corporate and governmental accounts.  The photo gallery below illustrates some of these items.

Plastics, resin, ceramics, woodcraft, these are areas we specialize in.  If you are interested in developing a custom design, we invite you to explore the opportunity with us.


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Involved in the design and manufacture of unique gift items for the past 10 years, those of us at Caravelle, Inc. are excited about Memories in Miniature, our new line of military collectibles.  Among other ventures, the company manufactures and sells a line of humorous gift items under The Big Sneezy brand.

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